About Us

Karen Brown is a Primal Health Coach and fitness instructor and trainer with over 40 years experience. Brian Chaulk is a lifelong fitness enthusiast and recently became a Natural Health Consultant.
“I met Karen two years ago when she started a seniors exercise group. I have enjoyed the classes and she is very in tune with the needs of her participants and innovative in the exercises she teaches us.

Her knowledge about health and wellness continues to inspire me to try new ideas to be healthier and more flexible.

She brings humour and a wealth of knowledge concerning exercise and food choices. I, for one, am better for meeting her!” – Katherine F.

It’s Not your Fault

Have you have ever tried to lose weight or start a workout program or just want to live a healthier lifestyle?

Maybe you’ve had some success only to regain the weight or couldn’t maintain the workout schedule. Well, you’re not alone!

And it’s certainly not your fault!

Diets, by and large, just don’t seem to work long-term. They tend to focus on short-term weight loss and not an overall healthier lifestyle. They can even create anxiety by restricting food and a craving for food that resembles addiction!

Self-denial and relying on willpower is just too difficult to maintain.

Willpower isn’t finite and you only have a limited supply every day which means it may not be there when you need it the most. Willpower is like a muscle, tax it too much and it will become tired.

It’s no wonder so many of us fail.

We believe that healthy living is a lifestyle. It doesn’t include depriving yourself or forcing yourself to do things you don’t enjoy. Who wants to live life like that?

“I love our senior exercises classes with Karen! The workouts are fun and she ensures we perform the exercises safely.

I particularly enjoy learning tips on healthy eating since this is so important at our age. Karen is a wealth of knowledge!

Did I mention the best part? She makes us laugh! Great for the soul.” – Maureen M.

“Karen has spent her entire life involved in fitness and nutrition! She is a wealth of knowledge on either subject and she walks the walk and talks the talk!” – Darlene M.

“Karen has personality plus and always makes fitness a fun activity. It’s one thing to exercise but, even better to enjoy it!: – Gloria P.

Our Mission

Our goal is to show you how small changes, you can implement one step at a time, can lead to huge changes in your health and happiness.

Too many of us are reaching our 50’s and 60’s out of shape, overweight and using prescription medications.

What’s the point of living into your 80’s if your health ran out in your 60’s? We believe it just doesnt have to be that way.

Your healthspan can and should equal your lifespan.

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