First, use natural sugar substitutes in moderation. Try raw honey, dates, coconut sugar and maple syrup. They can give you the taste you’re looking for with less synthetic additives, calories and dependency.

Healthy fats can help reduce sugar cravings. Try eating more coconut and/or olive oil, avocados, raw dairy, plus nuts and seeds like flaxseeds.

Be careful how you start your day. Breakfast foods like waffles, pancakes, toast, granola, cereals, juices and canned fruit are all high in sugar.

Also be aware that “healthy” foods like protein bars and flavoured yogurt are actually high in sugar so opt for snacks like freshly made smoothies, nuts or even hard-boiled eggs.

Finally, stay away from sodas and juices. Stick with unsweetened drinks like water, herbal or green tea, kombucha, coconut water or black coffee.