One of the struggles with a healthy diet is that when certain special occasions or holidays come around, kids have a hard time dealing with the changes. They want to go trick-or-treating on Halloween and eat handfuls of candy when they get home. If they are on a healthy diet, this isn’t going to be possible. But don’t fret – there are still ways to get them to stick to the lifestyle even during Halloween. 

Start New Halloween and Other Holiday Traditions 

Now is the perfect time to start a brand-new holiday traditions. You have already started encouraging your kids to think about food differently, so keep going with your new, healthier lifestyle by changing how you do Halloween. For example, instead of trick-or-treating all night, you can go just to their friend’s houses for a limited amount of candy, then spend the night carving pumpkins or watching Halloween movies. This keeps the theme of the season without engorging on candy. 

Make Your Own Halloween Candy 

You might not want to completely deny your kids treats for Halloween, but keep in mind there are many other alternatives. There are a lot of health-friendly recipes that allow you to make candy that your kids can have even on this diet. It relies on nuts, pure cocoa without the added sugar, and a variety of other ingredients that make tasty sweets while still remaining on a healthy diet. 

Allow Trick-or-Treating But Limit Candy Consumption 

You also don’t have to prohibit trick-for-treating altogether. This can make for some very unhappy kids. If they still want to go out, let them get their candy, but think of other uses for the candy. You can put together goodie bags for homeless or women and children shelters to give to them with all the candy they got, or they can create a fun Halloween-themed ‘gingerbread house’ but more of one that looks like a haunted house. Getting candy doesn’t mean they have to eat it all. 

Prepare Treat Bags Without Sweets 

You can also make it more fun for your kids by preparing them treat bags, but only use limited sweets or health-friendly ones. Fill it with stickers, little toys, games, and activities that are all centered on Halloween, without the non-healthy treats. 

These simple tips are going to help you and your kids enjoy Halloween, dress up, carve pumpkins, and enjoy some health-friendly food and treats.